Industrial shelving depends entirely on the type of industry you are in. As it is awkward to see a huge open wire shelf inside an office filled with hardwood shelves and drawers, so as it is with a hardwood shelf inside a food processing temperature-controlled room.


industrial shelving
industrial shelving


Knowing the right type of industrial shelf for your business is unequivocally essential. So, make sure that you know what type of industrial shelf is fit for your office, warehouse, and production plant before you make any purchases.

Wire Shelving

This type of industrial shelving is the “cleanest” type as this is usually constructed as an open shelf, thus, preventing the accumulation of dust on one solid and large space. Since it is an open style shelf, the items stored in it can be accessed from all four sides of the shelf.

Other advantages:

  • Can be used in food, washdown, and wet applications
  • Adjustable and can be easily added to another layer of shelf
  • Can be used as mobile or wall-mounted shelf
  • Don’t obstruct sprinkler systems in cases of fire

Rivet Shelving

Despite the fact that this type of industrial shelving is easy to assemble, it is known to have a strong and stable handling capacity. Since most industrial shelving in Australia, especially rivet shelves are built as open shelves, they can be accessed easily from all four sides.

Steel is the primary material used in rivet shelves, which can carry at least 840 kilograms per layer (depends on the size of the shelf). Rivet shelf layers can be made of wire decks, wood board, plywood, or a solid steel.

Other advantages:

  • It is the most economical shelving style
  • With wider size ranges
  • Best shelf for heavy storage applications
  • Easy to install, yet stronger than it looks

Open Metal Shelving

Almost similar to rivet shelves when it comes to strength and stability, open metal shelves are the best industrial shelving type for warehouses and bulk storage applications. It also uses back and sway braces to make it steady. But, the difference between this type of industrial shelving and the rivet shelving is its more efficient adjustability with the use of compression clips in 1-inch increments.

Other advantages:

  • Customisable; can be built with dividers, doors, and drawer inserts
  • Suited for high-density storage applications
  • Can be used in office setting without looking out of place
  • Can be used in decorative applications

Closed Metal Shelving

Industrial shelving Australia contractors offer don’t only make open industrial shelves. In fact, they also create closed-type industrial shelves for storing items which need more security and protection like hazardous or toxic materials, bioactive chemicals, fragile products, and other “sensitive” items.

Since most closed shelves are made of solid steel, stability and strength are both unquestionable.

Other advantages:

  • Customisable and can be decorated as preferred
  • Layers can be divided according to categories of stored items
  • There is only one side of accessibility, making the storage more secure

Mobile Shelving

Mobile shelves can be a wood, wire, steel, or rivet shelf. It’s not the material being talked here, its the mobility and the space occupied by the shelf. Unlike fixed shelves, mobile shelves can be easily moved from one location to another, making it preferred by some businesses.

Depending on the type of business you are in, buy industrial shelving Australia brands which can cater to your business needs. But, before purchasing your industrial shelving system, spare some time to do your own research. Read forums and browse consumer feedback about the right industrial shelving used by different businesses in Australia to help you make your final decision. If you want to order wire shelving for your business, visit